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Compass Consulting is a consulting firm with a unique niche. We do advisory projects that other, full-service consulting firms don't have time for.

As of January 1, 2019, after more than 50 years in the telecom industry and 38 years as a consultant, I have retired from Vantage Technology Consulting Group. While I have arrangements with Vantage to continue for the foreseeable future in an Emeritus role for the firm, I am also taking on assorted advisory projects.

Toward this end, I have re-established Compass Consulting International, the company I owned for 20 years before joining Vantage. The new CCI will be focused on providing support and advisory services on unified communications, business continuity planning, and financial modeling. The idea is to provide low-cost, customized direction, advice, and perspective to those who don’t need full consulting services but could still benefit from experienced advice.

I have consulted to more than 300 colleges and universities - public and private, large and small - throughout the US and Canada. Contact me for client lists and references.

Geoff Tritsch



233 Heaths Bridge Road
Suite 102
Concord, MA 01742