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Unified Communications Advisory Services

Given the increased commoditization of unified communications (UC), many of you now have the understanding, experience, and resources to handle the process of replacing or upgrading your own systems. This is exactly as it should be as products mature and the confusion and mystique related to newer technologies fade away. But that does not mean that there isn’t need for someone with experience to bounce ideas off of, provide unbiased advice, and offer a broader perspective. 

Here are the types of services Compass can offer:

• Visioning workshops with the project team to review your project, concerns, issues, and questions.
• Discussions on specific issues such as cloud vs. prem, E-911, contact center, and mobility with you, the IT project team, or     with other outside departments like Campus Safety, Facilities, Admissions, Executives, etc. as required.
• Guidance on process, next steps, or issue resolution as needed.
• Access to survey forms, evaluation tools, financial models, and/or RFP language.
• Review of procurement documents, vendor proposals, service contracts, or agreements and/or participation in vendor     discussions, again, as needed.

The idea is to provide low-cost, customized direction, advice, and perspective to speed the process and reduce the risk associated with phone system replacement.

We will customize any of our services to specifically meet your requirements and budget.


Sample clients include:  

• Syracuse University

• Franklin & Marshall College

• Pennsylvannia State University  

• University of New Mexico

• Vassar College  

• Connecticut College  

• Providence College

• Tallahassee Community College


233 Heaths Bridge Road
Suite 102
Concord, MA 01742