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UC Advisory Services

Navigating Unified Communications (UC) has never been easy. You may not need the the services of a full-service consultant, but there is a need for someone with experience to bounce ideas off of, provide unbiased advice, and offer a broader perspective.

To navigate safely, you need a Compass.

Master of Disaster

Compass offers IT business continuity and disaster recovery planning services. Our unique table-top simulation game “Master of Disaster” tests your disaster avoidance, response and recovery.

Chart your way home.


Here at Compass we love Excel! It’s a wonderfully powerful tool for financial modeling, organizing information, and visualizing data. If you have the need for an Excel guru and don’t have the resources in house, give us a call.

We make Excel speak for you.

Other Services

Compass retains a close working relationship with Vantage Technology Consulting Group to provide services that we do not.  If you are interested in information security, governance, IT planning, architectural infrastructure, or  similar services, We will gladly provide a introduction to Vantage or one of our other strategic partners.

There's a reason why ships sail in fleets.


233 Heaths Bridge Road
Suite 102
Concord, MA 01742