Financial Advice Within Banks & Credit Unions

Laying the Foundations

Representing your clients and growing your business within a regional / community bank or credit union environment offers several benefits:

  • Local brand awareness
  • Established local institutional credibility
  • A captive client base
  • A positive workplace infrastructure
  • A team-driven, collaborative culture

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Get the Results You Are Looking For

Whether just starting out, or coming with a few years already under your belt, partnering with a bank or credit union can be an appealing option for an advisor. Your business will very likely grow quicker being attached to a financial institution with an established local presence. It also presents a significant benefit to your clients as many are looking for a convenient venue that can host all of their financial service needs.

For more experienced advisors, a bank or credit union represents an opportunity for you to focus more on your existing clients while developing mutually beneficial relationships with bankers. Those relationships, combined with the institution’s clientele, support structure, and back-office resources essentially become a business development tool for you.

“I don’t remember the last time I worried about where my next client was coming from.”

J. Minor | Colorado

“I looked at it like I had 37 referral sources. In the last 18 months, I made 817 transactions through and from these referral sources.”

B. Marcano | New York

“I have a much deeper loyalty from my clients because of their (and my) relationship with my Private Banker, and a dozen more bankers like him.”

J. Allen | Texas

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