Have questions about our services, offerings, or just the industry as a whole? Whether you’re a client or candidate we’ve compiled a list of common questions we receive.

We start the process with a comprehensive examination of your goals and objectives. Once we understand the type of program you are looking to create, we will begin evaluating Third-Party-Mangers (TPM’s). Evaluating TPM’s takes 60-90 days. After you choose your TPM, plan 30-45 days for reviewing and negotiating the terms of your TPM Partnership Agreement. Once the Partnership Agreement is fully executed, the fun work begins – building out your wealth team!

There are several ways to establish your platform. The two most common methodologies are “dual managed” and “managed.” With dual managed programs, the financial institution is the employer of record to the financial advisors. With “managed” programs, the advisors are employed by your third-party broker-dealer but still have dotted line report