Check out some examples of projects we’ve completed in the past.

“The services Compass provided were very beneficial. Their inputs were solid, based on facts and gave us good guidance throughout the process.”

Casey Wilcox | President

“The timing of our introduction to Eric and his team could not have been better. There is no way we could have accomplished as much as we did, in the time we did it, without Compass.”

John McWhorter | CFO

“Having Compass as an additional resource during my team’s conversion was critical to our success and allowed me to focus more of my time on our advisors and clients. Would recommend Compass Consulting to any bank with investment services.”

Jeanette Allan | Managing Director

Consulting Project:

$2B Fast-Growing Community Bank Looking to Add a Wealth Management Platform

  • Managed program – Advisors employed by the Broker-Dealer
  • Two levels of financial advice
    • Branch-based advisors catering to mass-affluent
    • 2nd floor advisors catering to ultra-high-net-worth and family wealth
  • Add Private Banking
  • Ideation to launch took 3 months to complete
    • Third-Party Manager evaluation and selection
  • Assisted in Board of Directors presentation
  • Assisted in DBA creation, logo & web design
  • Created cross-selling incentive plans
  • Assisted in adding four Financial Advisors
    • Three branch-based ($2.8M combined pre-hire revenue)
    • One 2nd Floor ($1.2M pre-hire revenue)
  • Assisted in adding three Private Bankers
    • Combined AUM of $700M

Coaching / Training Project


Bank looking for help with client acquisition to separate them from their competition

  • Must be tied to the bank’s overal goals, objectives and strategy
  • A “practice management” concept beyond just a product offering
  • A way to help the banks reps impact their book of business
  • Correlate and track ROI on whatever investment they make for this initiative
  • Select a particular region where they wanted to gain a bigger footprint / gain traction
  • Created a customized initial training and ongoing coaching program for the bank
  • Met the team monthly in their office to go over strategy, objectives, and accountability metrics
    • Tracked progress to ensure desired results were achieved and maintained in monthly meetings
  • 8 Representatives brought in $100M+ in net new assets within six months of starting training

Consulting Project:

$6.4B Bank Looking to Change Program Type and Possibly Change Broker-Dealers

  • Currently managed program with 18 Advisors wanting to change to dual managed
    • Moving from advisors being employed by the broker-dealer to employed by the bank
  • Focus on transitioning from transactional to advisory
  • Increase revenue share and net income percentage
  • Develop licensed banker program
  • Ideation to new contract completion and conversion took 4 months
    • After evaluation, stayed with current broker-dealer
  • Assisted HR in developing Policies and Procedures specific to financial advisors
  • Assisted HR in developing a compensation grid specific to financial advisors
  • Assisted HR in developing job descriptions for Licensed Bankers
  • Assisted in communicating change to financial advisors
  • Increased net income by 16%

Consulting Project:

Sample Projects Consulting

$4.5B Credit Union Looking to Change Broker-Dealers

  • Dual Managed program with 11 Advisors
  • Focus on growing advisor head count
  • Focus on transitioning from transactional to advisory
  • Increase revenue share and net income percentage
  • Ideation to contract completion took 5 months
    • Third-Party Manager and selection
  • Contract completion to program conversion took 3 months
  • Assisted in Board of Directors presentation
  • Assisted with addressing financial advisor concerns
  • Assisted with financial advisor transition
  • Increased revenue share by 4.5%
  • Increased net income by 26% (23% to 29%)

Coaching / Training Project:

Bank Looking to Improve Efficiency with their Program

  • Bank had been looking to pilot a program to blend client acquisition, networking, and practice management skills
  • Sought to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and results for select SVP’s in their program
  • Wanting more structure and external coaching
  • Provided tools to nurture COI relationships & open more doors with nontraditional referral sources
  • Helped convert personal and professional relationships into client opportunities & close more business
  • Coaches were available 24/7 to discuss strategy on their opportunities and provided tactical advice on staging, framing, and scripting which increased deal flow
  • SVP’s now have a sustainable & repeatable client acquisition process that includes more qualified introductions, a steady flow of referrals, and a robust pipeline
  • Each participant had a minimum of $250k increase in fee credit year over year as a direct result of utilizing our program

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