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2023-11-08 by Compass Consulting

Who Should Your Private Banker Report To?

Taking Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits (habit #2) “begin with the end in mind,” the best way to approach… Read More

2023-06-26 by Compass Consulting

Bank/Credit Union M&A

Must Evolve and Separate Wealth Management When community banks and credit unions (hereinafter referred to as FI’s) consider… Read More

2023-06-26 by Compass Consulting

Improving Recruitment & Retention

You can’t swing a stick without hitting an article that talks about recruiting and retention for almost any… Read More

2023-01-26 by Compass Consulting

Deposits, Private Banking & Recruiting

2022 WAS A YEAR FOR DEPOSITS, PRIVATE BANKING, & RECRUITING Like many before it, 2022 was an interesting… Read More

2023-01-24 by Compass Consulting

Another Chink in the Armor

Merrill President Interviewed by Recruiter Andy Sieg, Merrill Lynch President, created a lot of buzz with his recent… Read More

2023-01-10 by Compass Consulting

Non-Compete Agreements

A Case Against Non-Competes in Community Banks & Credit Unions I get it.  For ten years I clung… Read More

2022-11-03 by Compass Consulting

FINRA Regulatory Notice 22-23

It’s likely you have heard me talking about our concerns with financial institution comp plans, incentive plans, and… Read More

2022-09-16 by Compass Consulting

Our Co-Founder, Eric Armstrong, is in the News!

September 8, 2022 Financial Advisor IQ recently published an article about how banks are partnering with broker-dealers to… Read More

2022-08-08 by Compass Consulting

Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) Update

REPUTATIONS TAKE DECADES TO BUILD & MINUTES TO DESTROY On June 28, 2022 FINRA released a podcast featuring… Read More

2022-01-13 by Compass Consulting

2022 Predictions for Financial Institution Wealth Management

2021 was a busy year in bank / CU wealth management, but what’s waiting for us in 2022?… Read More

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