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Increasing profitability while reducing the risk for Banks and Credit Unions

Listen, Analyze, and Provide Solutions


Compass Consulting helps Community Banks, Regional Banks, and Credit Unions realize their Financial Advice platforms’ full potential and gain a competitive advantage through Metrics-Driven Strategic Ideation and Operations Consulting. Our senior professionals have top-tier educations, have indirectly or directly served financial institutions in varying capacities for decades, and understand the dynamics and complexities of high-growth, mature firms. Our team has personally overseen the completion of over 600 industry-specific projects spanning nearly three decades and accumulated benchmarking data from top tier financial companies in several sectors.

If your Bank or Credit Union wants to create a financial advice platform or is looking to increase overall profitability, client & employee retention, and achieve breakthrough performance in your existing wealth management platform, we can help. Our team of experts will deliver strategies, assist in implementing solutions and ensure exceptional results.


If you have an existing financial advice platform, we will analyze your current system and performance results. We can determine what improvements, if any, will ensure you are delivering the best experience for your clients and members while building stronger relationships between your existing lines of business.


Our programs help your Bank or Credit Union create a financial advice platform that will increase profitability, improve client retention & satisfaction, and reduce your regretted employee attrition rate.


We’ll help you improve your current Investment partnership or choose an investment partner that gives you a competitive edge today, with tomorrow’s tools and technology. Our experience in the broker-dealer space and understanding of Banks and Credit Unions’ fundamentals to success, uniquely qualifies us to provide a level of advocacy that will effect real change to your advice platform.

Consumer Centric Finance

These are unprecedented times – business operating conditions have changed – communications are stressed.

Consumers are increasingly looking for a comprehensive suite of financial services in a One-Stop environment.

Do your clients and members know that your firm values them as #1, at all times, under all conditions? How do you let them know, and is it in your company DNA?

Having a well-supported, retirement services wealth management platform is one way to deliver that message to clients and members.